Bright Ideas Grants

The PG&E Solar Schools Program hopes that your new solar installation is just the spark of solar exploration in your school. That’s why we have dedicated $250,000 to support “bright ideas” grants. Your school may apply for a $2,500 or $5,000 grant to be used for innovative classroom and extra curricular programs that further the exploration of solar energy. Past winners have explored solar energy for cooking and created solar gardens to harness the sun’s energy for irrigation. The grant is only limited to your imagination. Here are some ideas from past winners:

  • Create a solar garden lab
  • Build a solar pump to operate an aquatic field studies campus pond
  • Organize a solar race car derby
  • Create an energy-efficient solar classroom using a small-scale PV system
  • “Feed a village” using solar ovens
  • Create a solar art exhibit
  • Purchase advanced solar energy kits

To apply, go to: